The American Barbarians Podcast

Ep: 021 - Cowboy Skyler, Bubble Baths, and Judicial Punishments!

October 5, 2021

If you read the title, you know this one takes some interesting turns! In episode 21 of The American Barbarians, Skyler, Tyler, and James go back and forth about the cowboy life and what it takes to bear the title before learning about some "inhumane" judicial punishments that are still in practice today.  But of course, they can't just go there, first Skyler has to put his soft side on display and express his new found fondness for bubble baths!  Like, Comment, Share it with your friends, and Subscribe to the Tribe!!!  Also don't forget to check out our Patreon where we publish bonus episodes monthly.  Patrons also get 15% off all American Barbarians Merch/ Apparel, as well as coupon codes from several of our friends! #americanbarbarians #subscribetothetribe



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